In the not to distant future, Alaskan governor becomes first female president during America’s abrupt genetic food meltdown epidemic of the 21st century. A local Alaskan fisherman and his good friend stumble upon an advanced unknown machine lurking in the shadows of the thick rainforest tundra. Fallon notifies the Coast Guard to investigate the strange unidentified craft, before following the metal beast up the frozen mountain alone. Fallon and the Coast Guard notify the Central Intelligence Agency and Homeland Security. The government targets the unknown craft, while it illegally abducts life-forms from the Alaskan tundra. United States President Pain mobilizes world allies to fight the potential terrorist threat, possibly linked to the bio-weapon bug responsible for de-stabilizing the world’s food supply. The devastating new pesticide-adaptive hungry pest, over night eats two thirds of all America’s urban farmland yields, causing a global food shortage. The United Nations and the Presidential Office work around the clock to find the extremists responsible. Operations Special Forces commander Nicolas tracks down the rouge machine wondering Juneau’s backcountry, collecting samples of a variety of organic living organisms’ in a sophisticated life sustaining air-tight container. The president orders Nicolas to destroy the terrorist vehicle, before it has a chance to continue to do more potential harm to America’s agriculture and livestock. Nicolas hunts the unknown intelligent machine through the thick forest, but is out matched by the machine’s crafty ability to escape and defend itself. During the desperate and relentless fight to subdue the terrorist machine; Nicolas stumbles into a larger problem, the greatest technological global coup-cult ever formed. President Pain orders Special Forces Commanding Officer Nicolas to use all Military might possible to suppress the liberal environmentalists’, whom have developed a secret way of sustaining life and refuse to surrender their freedom and chance to live a new better life.

~ The Bio Arc Animation script is written and produced by

Saffron Hayes

This is still a work in progress . . .


Created By Saffron Hayes - July, 2011

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